The Department of Mass Education Extension came into existence from the year 1988 through amendment of the West Bengal Rules of Business vide Home(C & E) Department Notification No 5106-AR dated 21.04.1988, setting up this Department to look after all matters relating to adult education, on-formal education, education for children with special needs and social education not connected with Higher Education. The pre-existing Department of Library Services was also merged into this Department which became the Department of Mass Education Extension & Library Services thereafter.

    The basic purpose behind the creation of the Department was to direct the Literacy and Library Movements in the State for the benefit of the common people. With the assumption of office by the present Government in May 2011, the whole spectrum of activities of the Department received a fresh lease of life, and accordingly, it has redefined its role, redesigned its functional pattern and reworked its priorities for catering to the needs of the people across the State.

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    Minister in Charge Janab Siddiqullah Choudhury